Happy 2018 New Year! As Unity in the Community looks forward to see what’s ahead from what we have learned in the past. One thing we learned is that one of the main local government’s job is to provide security and infrastructure that promotes individual’s rights to life, liberty and happiness. As part of the Black or African American population here in Richmond Hill, GA and according to the 2010 Census, we make up 16.9% of the people of color that live here and are the second largest group (that’s both indigenous and transplants).  It has become obvious that we need much more interconnectivity, interaction and more responsibilities from within the city government and also within the businesses here to work towards creating a “Smarter City”. Innovation, collaboration, partnerships with their diverse citizens makes parties smarter.


Yet this only means diverse people:

  • Want to do for themselves
  • Want a hand up, not a hand out
  • Want to come together with a common purpose


A smarter city is a city which can understands that it can provide- by sharing its few resources- more efficiency, for and to its diverse citizens, to create a higher quality of life in a rapidly changing world. Local cities or communities that are fighting lack of jobs, some crime, housing/rental placing problems and the changing demographics of its populations of people, use mitigation techniques where people are sifting together with either and/or (transport, businesses, buildings, governments, academics, local community groups, and churches) and working with each other towards finding solutions.


One of the first solutions this city is doing in cooperation with its new Mayor – Russ Carpenter, is a resolution honoring Dr. King that will be presented next Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at the City Council meeting at 7:30 PM in Richmond Hill, GA . We would like to invite all of the local community that also honors Dr. King  to be there.


We all should be thankful for this city providing this opportunity to do something so significant..


Remember Dr. King said this, “An individual has not started living until he or she can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity”

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