BenchMark Physical Therapy Fundraiser

BenchMark Physical Therapy Fundraiser

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Every year, our company partners with a non-profit organization for a companywide fundraiser.  Typically the fundraiser has personal connections with a staff member of our company.  This year, we have partnered with the American Heart Association.  This is close to the organization as one of our staff members recently lost his wife due to heart complications. But she was a large advocate for the association.  You can read their story in the attachment.  I have also included the website where people can contribute online using their debit or credit card.  And of course they can always come in and donate! 

Every month we will be doing fun incentives for donations.  This month (April), we are doing a plank challenge.  A person can come and challenge Nicole, our Physical Therapist, to see who can hold a plank the longest.  The loser has to pay $5 towards the fundraiser. 

Next month we will be sponsoring for patients to donate to get out of their most dreaded physical activity and to have Nicole, the therapist do the activity. 

In June we will be doing a raffle for a basket that we are trying to build up.  We would like for donations from businesses to place in the raffle basket.  

Here is the website to go support us in reaching our goal.  Each clinic has a goal to raise at least $1000.

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