Capital Choice Financial Service

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255 Passaic Lane Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Bringing years of experience and a wealth of financial knowledge to Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas, Audrey Allen is proud to be an Endorsed Local Provider of Dave Ramsey. Audrey specializes in providing information and advice on preservation and safety strategies for financial & retirement planning, helping client's get out of debt, and preparing for retirement so you don't run out of money in the middle of your golden years. Please navigate to Audrey’s website at for more information on the services she provides and how she can help you.

Description of Products/Services:

  • Complementary Financial Analysis - It is a simple but comprehensive tool that serves as a blueprint to help you on your journey towards financial peace.
  • Protection Management (Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance) - Recommending policy changes when appropriate.  Helping to find the best policy for your situation.
  • Investment Management - Determining your asset allocation needs.  Helping you understand your risk tolerance.  Recommending the appropriate investment vehicles to help you reach and exceed your goals.
  • Individual Retirement Plans (Traditional and Roth IRA's) - Determining how much you need to retire comfortably.  Managing assets before and during retirement.
  • Business Retirement Plans (SEP, Simple IRA, and 401(k) plans) - Making the most of your employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRA's.
  • College Savings Plans (529 Plans, Coverdell) - Recommending investment and accumulation strategies to help you pay for your children's education.
  • Annuity products (Fixed Annuities & Indexed Annuities)