Studio Fit

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8872 Ford Ave, Suite 206, Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324
"I just love seeing people make a positive change in their lives," says Mark Palmer, co-owner of Studio Fit, a personal training studio that was born out of a passion for helping all of its clients reach their fitness goals.
In 2015, Mark and his partner Julie Wammock purchased the studio. "We've always wanted to help others become healthier by using fitness as a jumping point to improve every aspect of their lives," he adds.
"We are there just like our clients, in the studio, working on our fitness, so we understand how fitness can change your overall health and your life," says Palmer.
Featuring innovative training sessions, excellent coaches and the highest quality equipment, Studio Fit helps each client to set realistic, attainable goals while accommodating their busy schedules.
After an initial "success session," Studio Fit's coaches devise a customized fitness plan to suit each client. Whether it's simply a weight loss regimen, strength and conditioning, or a complete strength program, Mark's staff will help guide clients into a healthier way of life.
"It's gratifying for us to not only help people lose weight and increase strength, but to also watch them improve other areas of their lives, like taking part in competitive sports or getting off of medications," Mark notes.
And, unlike other gyms, Mark promises that Studio Fit is a training facility that is not intimidating.
"We maintain a family atmosphere. No matter what their stage of health or level of fitness is, everyone will be welcomed into our family with all of the support they need to meet their goal."