New Way to be Healthier and Relax On the Hill!

New Way to be Healthier and Relax On the Hill!

Re & Be Reflexology proudly announces the certification of owner and operator Kimberley Jardine!

Re & Be Reflexology offers foot and hand reflexology in a quiet and private setting in the heart of Richmond Hill. Kimberley completed her studies last November at the Academy of Ancient Reflexology in St. Augustine, Florida. The recent completion of her case study titled “Reflexology and Symptoms of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus” was the final accomplishment in the  certification process. Kimberely, in practice since April 2016 as a student, opened her in-home studio to the public at large in November 2016. She invites residents to enjoy one of the most relaxing hours of their lives via a reflexology session.

Client reviews celebrate Kimberley’s skills. Janelle MacKay, a Richmond Hill resident and runner said “I have had hip and leg pain that has kept me from running. Before discovering reflexology, I decided I was getting too old and should stop running before I seriously injured myself. Now I’m able to go for a run PAIN FREE as often as I’d like. It’s amazing how after one session I noticed a difference.”

Another local resident, Cindy Castle, said, “I have seen a remarkable difference in my toes. I also have a new sense of complete well-being. I look forward to each session.”

Spring is filling up quickly as Re & Be offers a New Client promotion – 10% off your first session and a free custom blended lotion. Kimberley incorporates aromatherapy and essential oils into all her sessions and encourages clients to continue at home.

“I first address the central nervous system, which contributes to total body relaxation and many clients fall asleep. At the end, they’re simultaneously relaxed and energized!” Kimberley says. “Snoring happens often, but sessions are confidential, so I can’t tell you details.”

Kimberley is a long-time reflexology enthusiast with her first experience at a spa in Telluride, Colorado nearly 20 years ago. Her family’s personal life took them to live around the world and she experienced receiving reflexology in many countries. When Kimberley and her family relocated to Richmond Hill in 2015, she quickly realized that there were no reflexologists anywhere close to Richmond Hill. “People shouldn’t have to drive 40 minutes in traffic for a relaxing session, then lose all their newly achieved calm while driving home!”

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kimberley Jardine at (817) 909-5348 or email at You can view details and pricing at

Re & Be Reflexology, established in 2016, addresses the need for Reflexology in Richmond Hill. Led by Kimberley Jardine, a champion for the holistic health of her community through relaxation, balance of the body and insightful conversations about health and lifestyle. Sessions are 60 minutes and can focus on the feet, hands, or both.

Reflexology is recognized worldwide by various national health institutions and the public at large as an effective and distinct complementary practice within the holistic health field, per the Reflexology Association of America, of which Kimberely is a member.

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