Paige Glazer

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I feel a very strong connection to Richmond Hill- past, present, and future. My parents and I, me at 3 weeks old, were the 611th family to call this charming place home. In 2006, upon graduating from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Finance, I married my high school sweet heart, Ryan, and began working for Reflections as the account executive (off the beaten path from my degree.)

Reflections was created by my father, Johnny Murphy, to ultimately put Richmond Hill on the map, by showcasing the wonderful lifestyle we enjoy in our quaint, but blossoming little town. Because of the magazine, I have had many opportunities to meet influential people that I have come to admire. Last year, I have truly found my passion to be in the over-all creative aspect of Publishing. I feel privileged to be a part of something that serves our wonderful community!