RH Montessori Awarded State Grant

RH Montessori Awarded State Grant

Local Montessori uses state funds to promote language and literacy in Bryan County

Richmond Hill Montessori now has the exciting and challenging task of allocating almost $20,000 to resources that will engage language and literacy at the preschool.

The Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant Program, a collaboration between the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement and the Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy at Georgia College, invests in literacy efforts for children. Richmond Hill Montessori, one of only three private preschools to receive the grant, was honored alongside 48 other birth to 8-year-old affiliates across the state. More than 100 schools applied for this grant!

Richmond Hill Montessori, with the Richmond Hill Library and Bryan County Family Connections, is proud to represent Bryan County and to promote new, exciting ways to teach language and literacy to its students. Portions of the grant will go towards introducing new technology into the classrooms to promote reading skills.

For more information on the founding of the grant and to see a list of Georgia recipients, visit https://gosa.georgia.gov/early-language-and-literacy-mini-grant-program



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